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Sawai Chinnawong: Story of Redemption, New Testament 2003

Lately, I've been constantly thinking about the word "aliento". This word, connected to Pentecost, means breath in English. The interesting thing is that, this is not it's only meaning in Spanish. It also means encouragement and inspiration. God gives "aliento" to human beings at the beginning of creation. And the Holy Spirit gives "aliento" to the disciples. The Triune God gives life, gives encouragement and hope and gives inspiration so that we can continue to live as children of God, as the kin-dom God wants us to be.

But… we are Spirit-less… when we take that "aliento" away…

When we put our knee on the throat of another because of the color of their skin… we take away breath, encouragement and inspiration.

When we don't understand the rage of years of racism and oppression… we take away breath, encouragement and inspiration.

When we declare that this nation is great… but it is not great for everyone that lives here… we take away breath, encouragement and inspiration.

The Spirit gave us "aliento"…

And we have made efforts to take it away,

To take the last breath,

To drown others in discouragement,

To invisibilize inspiration with fear.

God of "aliento" of breath, of encouragement, of inspiration

Forgive your people… because we do not understand your Spirit, or your will.

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